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Dri-Wall Adhesive - 25 Kg Bag

Our DryWall Adhesive is the perfect solution for securely bonding drywall to walls and ceilings. This adhesive is specially formulated to provide an exceptionally strong grip that eliminates the need for screws and nails. With a weight of 25 kg, it is ideal for large-scale projects and offers superior coverage. This adhesive also boasts excellent water resistance and is easy to apply, making it a must-have for any insulation job.

DryWall Adhesive - 25 Kg

  • A general purpose gypsum-based adhesive for use with Dry Lining Systems, on high, medium or low suction backgrounds. Conforms to EN14496. WE ALSO SUPPLY A FULL RANGE OF PLASTERBOARD IN VARIOUS SIZES, JOINT FILLERS AND DRYWALL ADHESIVE - PLEASE CALL OUR SALES OFFICE FOR LATEST PRICES AND BUNDLE DEALS.
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