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Direct Insulation is part of Building Materials Direct Ltd. which is a company formed over fifteen years ago with one mission in mind  - that of giving first class service and affordable prices to the customer. We have been very successful in fulfilling that mission having provided quality building materials to thousands of happy customers!


Direct Insulation's service is provided by helpful & knowledgeable staff, many of whom have spent over 30 years in the Building Materials sector in various roles. With backgrounds such as Product Manufacturing and Builders Merchanting, there aren’t many questions we can’t answer to do with Insulation, Drylining and many other building products.


Being part of the Building Materials Direct Group enables Direct Insulation to purchase products at bulk discount rates and thus provide huge savings on a large range of Insulation and Drylining materials to its customers.


All deliveries are made on regularly serviced and road-safe vehicles driven by competent drivers who are there to help complete your transaction making it a stress free (and hopefully money-saving) experience.


Like many Companies, we do enjoy hearing from our customers with any feedback relating to a purchase as this gives us a chance to either improve or commend the staff involved. 


We welcome your feedback on our email:

or by phone on



Thank you for taking time to read about our company and we look forward to talking to you soon.


Kind Regards


The Team  at Building Materials Direct  

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