Delivery Information




Please refer to our map which shows our standard areas of delivery shaded in Purple, and areas we cannot generally deliver all materials to shaded in Orange. We do not deliver to Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland at all. In some cases we may be able to deliver certain materials to other parts of Scotland or Wales dependant on product type and method of delivery - please enquire before placing any such orders directly from this website.
Delivery from stock is normally 2-3 days dependant on time of placing order, and non stocked goods can be ordered in - please enquire and the office will quote an exact delivery timeframe to you once we have checked the relevant manufacturer's availability. 
Deliveries are normally an all-day delivery (Monday to Friday) on the day specified between the hours of 8am and 5pm and we need to deliver to a verified card address unless you have paid us by faster payment transfer.
PLEASE NOTE - Deliveries are normally made using large rigid curtain-sided delivery lorries and are normally made to kerbside only. A signature MUST be obtained for any goods delivered.
*Excludes MVHR Systems, Central Extract Systems Central Vacuum Systems which will be quoted separately for delivery.
Delivery Coverage Map