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SUPERFOIL SFBB  1.5m X 25m ROLL 37.5 m2

Reflective breather memrane for use in Roofs and Walls   >1mm thickness

W1 Watertight & Breathable. Reduces the risk of condensation. Ideal for New Build or Retrofit. Improves thermal performance. Radiant Barrier

SUPERFOIL SFBB 1.5m X 25m ROLL 37.5m2

£79.95 Regular Price
£63.96Sale Price
  • SFBB is a watertight (W1-EN 1928:2000) breather membrane for use in roofs and walls. SFBB is vapour permeable and allows the passage of warm moist air to reduce condensation. Installing SFBB improves the air-tightness of the building. SFBB is a radiant barrier - it can be used to enhance thermal performance u-values in both new build and renovation projects. SFBB has a reflective thermal advantage over standard breather membranes, and is easy to handle and install. SFBB can be used to help meet the requirements of Building Regs Approved Document Part L and Scottish Building Standards Part J

    Product requires installation in accordance with manufacturer details - If in doubt then please follow manufacturer instructions and advice.

  • Downloadable Data Sheet : Superfoil SFBB

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