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Rockwool Fire barrier 

1m x 3.7m roll

50mm thick

3.7m2 pack

A 50mm Rockwool Fire Barrier that is a cost effective abour saving and easy to install solution that is designed to prevent the spread of a fire and smoke through voids and roof areas within a building. 
This is a Euroclass A1 rated product that offers a 1 hour fire barrier when fitted as 2 layers of 50mm mounted back to back butt jointed using a staggered vertical joint between back to back layers when used as part of the Rockwool fire barrier system. 

This product is ideal for use ceiling voids and roof areas to create a smoke and fire barrier providing a solution to help slow down the spread of a fire.  This product also has acoustic properties to aid sound reduction in voids and cavities. 

Rockwool Fire Barrier Info

Rockwool Fire Barrier 50mm 1m x 3.7m Roll

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