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Readymix Plasterboard Joint Cement 12lt Tub

Gyproc Ready Mix Joint Cement is a ready to apply direct from the tub finishing cement designed for bedding in joint tapes and scrim roll. Once applied the joint cement will air dry and and can be sanded back for a smooth finish.

A quick and easy product that offers a quality ready to decorate finish. This product can also be used to spot over board fixings such as nails and screws.

Readymix Plasterboard Joint Cement 12lt Tub

  • Readymix Joint Cement is easy and straight forward to use following the guide below.

    • Ensure the boards have been prepared for jointing.
    • Stir the product before use diluting if its felt necessary.
    • Apply making an approx 100mm band and bed in the tape using a taping knife or trowel.
    • Allow to dry then apply further coats removing any high spots before feathering edges 50mm beyond the previous coat.
    • Final joints should be approx 350mm wide to allow for flat joint.
    • Finished butt or end joints should be approx 600mm.
    • Once all dried sand evenly to flat or smooth finish.
    • Finally seal with appropriate primer ready for decoration.

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