Fire Protection Products - Safety First!

Fire Flames

In the event of a fire, the number one priority is occupant safety. Dictated by Part B of the Building Regulations, provision needs to be made so that they can securely exit the building… and if they can’t… then a safe space should be designed that provides adequate protection for a sufficient time to facilitate safe rescue. Passive fire protection plays a fundamental role in delivering buildings which can achieve this under fire conditions.

Building Regs Part B Volume 1

Passive Fire Protection Products and Solutions can be categorised as follows:


  • Penetration Seals

  • Cavity Barriers & Cavity Firestops

  • Linear Joint Seals


  • Structural Steel / Concrete

  • Building Services

From a merchant point of view - you need to come to us with a specification of what you need already provided and we would quote to you for that exact spec to make sure that there are no changes to any designed function / requirement.

If you are not sure of the exact specification you need then you must take advice from your Architect, Designer, Building Control Officer etc. prior to ordering what you need. In some cases you may be asked to complete a questionnaire or enquiry form by the manufacturer concerned prior to placing any order to ensure that you have provided all of the information they need to properly provide correct fire protection advice or specification (Rockwool for