Buying Recticel Insulation - Choosing Your Insulation

Recticel Group are a Belgium based insulation manufacturer with a UK base and manufacturing plant located in Stoke On Trent. They produce insulation for the Residential, Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural sectors.

Most of Recticel's manufactured product is based upon PIR insulation board which is extremely popular for residential use due to its higher insulation levels for the thickness being used. If you are not sure what type(s) of insulation you want to use for your building work, then you might also like to read one of our other blogs here -

Let's take a look now at some of the Recticel range and their uses for residential work:

Recticel Eurothane Range -

Eurothane GP - This is Recticel's most frequently used general application PIR Insulation boards used for multiple applications for both domestic and industrial use. Insulation boards are 2400mm x 1200mm in size and are foil faced both sides and can be cut easily with a saw.

You can use Eurothane GP for Internal Wall insulation, Floor insulation, Pitched Roof insulation, Ceiling insulation and also makes a cost effective Loft insulation. Great for putting in between timbers but also over the top as a second layer as well. Can be used under concrete floor screeds to insulate a concrete ground floor or even for garden office insulation or to take the chill off a garden shed or storage outbuilding or to boost the insulation when converting your garage into a useable room.