Design Options for Loft Conversions Part Two - Balcony Windows

Juliet Balcony to Loft Conversion Dormer

Following on from our recent (Part One) blog examining the design of loft conversions, and dormer and Velux roof window options, our next blog continues with options for Juliet Balconies, Fixed External Balconies and Velux Cabrio fold-away balcony roof windows (and their possible cheaper alternatives!), to help with maximising any views and giving your rooms some desirable design features.


Juliet Balconies can be as simple as a small metal railing across an opening where a pair of doors open inwards at their simplest or you could extend that concept further into a railed-off balcony within an extended dormer area with patio doors out onto it (as shown below).

Sheltered Dormer Balcony with handrail

This gives a more sheltered balcony and more privacy for the home owner and restricts the view out to one more directly ahead from the room which may be advantageous in securing backing from Local Authority Planning Officers if that were a concern.


More permanent balconies can be constructed projecting from the roof as we show here to the left (with Velux VFL vertical and sloping elements), but it should be noted that planning permission will almost certainly be required in such cases.