SUSPENDED CEILING INSULATION - Retain heat. Save energy. Save money

We regularly get asked "how do you insulate a suspended ceiling?" here at BMD, and of course there are many ways you could choose to do this:

- Could I use blown or loose insulation on top of the existing tiles?

Well you could, but we wouldn't recommend it - blowing or placing loose insulation into a space like that could get fairly messy! Also if you ever have to lift any tiles to get access to plumbing or electrics then it would be like opening the hatch to a sand bunker above you!

- Could I use rolls of Fibreglass Loft Roll like I have used in my loft? Again, you could, but it would be quite difficult access wise again should you need to lift a tile and may pull the insulation out of alignment and leave cold spots. Also fibres can fall through any gaps and settle onto surfaces in the rooms below.

- Could I use PIR Foil Faced foam insulation boards? Yes you could do this - they come in many thicknesses and provide good levels of insulation but you would have to do a large amount of cutting to get the boards shaped to the size of each tile to properly fit them. If you put strips above many tiles or full sheets across the tiles then you will struggle to get easy access again should you need to for plumbing and electrical servicing etc. There is also less flexibility to go over or around pipework and service ducts that are close to the ceiling tiles or grid.

- What is the best type of insulation to use for insulating a suspended ceiling?

High performance mineral wool encapsulated in a black, breathable poly-wrap, incorporating a fire retardant additive. Some refer to this as bagged insulation, insulation bags or insulation pads.