Internal Wall Insulation - Sound, Thermal or Both?

Installing internal wall insulation can be carried out in a number of ways and with a variety of insulation materials -

Depending on what type of internal walls you are insulating, this can quite often govern the way it is done and what materials would be used - for instance, if you are insulating internal stud partition walls you are quite likely to be doing this for acoustic reasons rather than thermal as you more than likely would require the whole of your house to be at a similar temperature. In the instance of insulating these partition walls a good result can be achieved using Acoustic Partition Roll. APR is easy to install in between the metal or timber studs and can be very cost efficient. If you require a higher level of noise reduction then we would recommend you step up to a product such as Rockwool Flexi or Rockwool RWA45 , this product comes in slab insulation form and will reduce the sound more efficiently than the glass mineral acoustic partition roll.

When retro fitting insulation in party walls such as in between semi detached or terraced houses or apartments a number of products can be used again depending on what you are trying to achieve, the aforementioned acoustic insulations could be a suitable solution if sound reduction is the requirement. Alternatively if insulating to keep the heat in then you may want to use a pre-bonded insulation / plasterboard these are made by a lot of the top insulation manufacturers such as Kingspan , Celotex and British Gypsum. These types of insulated plasterboard come with various types of insulation on the back

of them and quite simply to coin a phrase "you get what you pay for"! The cheapest of these insulated plasterboards would have expanded polystyrene on the back moving on up the scale you can get extruded polystyrene, PIR foam and up to Phenolic foam which would be the more thermally efficient but the most expensive. These types of board can be Dot and Dabbed with drywall adhesive straight on to the wall or mechanically fixed onto the brick / block wall or into timber. An alternative method could be to batten out the walls and install rigid PIR insulation boards in between the timbers and insulate over the top of the timbers with a rigid foam insulation and finish with plasterboard or again use a