Insulating for Loft & Attic Spaces

When insulating your loft, you have to start by deciding what you actually require your roof space for, or indeed what you might use it for, because in the future this can determine how you would need to be insulating the roof space.

Below are a few examples of how to insulate your loft depending on its use:

Insulating with no use of loft space required

If you don’t use the loft space and do not foresee using it or are unable to use it for any other reason then the cheapest option would be fibreglass insulation and to insulate the floor of the loft currently at the time of writing, building regulations state that you need to install a minimum of 270mm overall thickness, this is generally a layer of 100mm between the joists and then a cross layer of 170mm over the top. This all depends on the depth of joists as if you have deeper joists than 100mm then you would insulate accordingly to meet the required level. We supply non itch fibreglass which is far easier to use and less dangerous than the old style fibreglass that would tend to give bad skin irritation. When installing fibreglass insulation in your loft space we would always recommend wearing appropriate safety face masks, gloves and goggles.

Insulating your loft for use as storage