SUPERFOIL SFNC  1.2M X 8.35M ROLL 10.02 M2   20mm thickness.

Non-combustible thermal insulation for under floors, and on walls & in roofs and many other areas of construction including high rise & commercial buildings.

Reaction to Fire (Euroclass) -  Class A1 "Non-Combustible"

Fire Propagation (BS475-6) - Class 0

Spread of Flame (S476-7) - Class 1

Resistance to Water Penetration - W1

Product normally requires a minimum of 25mm air gap either side of the multi-foil to ensure this product works in the way it was designed to.


  • Superfoil SFNC Data Sheet Link -

    SFNC - SuperFoil Non Combustible is the safest of the safe. It has achieved the highest Euroclass Rating possile off A1 "Non Combustible". 

    Product requires installation in accordance with manufacturer details - If in doubt then please follow manufacturer instructions and advice.

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