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SUPERFOIL SFBA MP 1.5m X 25m ROLL 37.5 m2

Double Foil Single Bubble - Thermal Insulation for Roofs, Walls & Floors

3mm thickness, Water & Vapour Resistant, Ideal for New Build or Retrofit

SUPERFOIL SFBA MP 1.5m X 25m ROLL 37.5m2

£75.40 Regular Price
£71.00Sale Price
  • SFBA MP is waterproof and resists the passage of moisture through walls, floors and ceilings. • SFBA is part of the SuperFOIL range, designed to maximise insulation performance with a quick and easy installation. • SFBA is a multi-layer air bubble insulation with external layers of aluminium metalized PET. This provides a corrosion resistance for increased lifespan. • SFBA is a leading bubble foil insualtion. It can be used for insulating under floor, in walls, in dry lining such as for cellars and can also be used in greenhouses and other industrial applications. • SFBA is a high performance insulation that utilises low emissivity air gaps to maximise the thermal performance. • SFBA reflects heat, just like a mirror reflects light. SFBA is an ideal radiant barrier for supplementing existing insulation to keep your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

    Product requires installation in accordance with manufacturer details - If in doubt then please follow manufacturer instructions and advice.

  • Downloadable Data Sheet : Superfoil SFBA MP

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