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SUPERFOIL SF6 1.2m X 10.0m ROLL 12.0 m2

25mm thick multifoil. Thermal insulation for use in roofs, walls & floors.

Ideal for DIY Projects, Loft Conversions, Garden Buildings & Behind Radiators. Keep warmer in winter and cooler in summer by reducing the effects of solar gain. Lightweight & flexible. Quick & easy installation with minimal waste. For technical details please refer to the PDF data sheet which we link to below in the "Additional Information" notes.

Product normally requires a minimum air gap either side of the multi-foil to ensure that this product works in the way it was designed to.

SUPERFOIL SF6 1.2m X 10.0m ROLL 12.0m2

  • Ideal for DIY projects such as garden rooms, garages or sheds. Acts as a radiant barrier to reflect excessive heat gain during the summer months as well as insulating throughout the year. Installed as a continuous layer, eliminating the need to "cut and fit" between rafters & joists making installation significantly faster and simpler. Can significantly improve air tightness reducing uncomfortable draughts. Lightweight & flexible making it easy to transport - no more running up & down stairs to cut to size before taking it inside! Can be used on its own or in combination with any other form of insulation.

    Product requires installation in accordance with manufacturer details - If in doubt then please follow manufacturer instructions and advice.

  • Downloadable Data Sheet :  Superfoil SF6

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