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1200 X 600 X 50mm

5.76m2 Pack
Density of 60Kg/m3 makes this product particularly suitable for use in sound studio applications or for the absorption of sound in the lining of buildings and also for use in acoustic splitters and for the damping of duct noise.

ROCKWOOL RW3 50mm 5.76m2 pack

  • All of the Rockwool RW Range of insulations give great resistance to fire. Slabs are bonded with a phenolic resin which is resistant to temperatures up to 230 degrees celcius. One of the best insulations to use when you are looking for combined Fire Resistance, Sound Absorption and Thermal Conductivity. Rockwool RW3 is a high sound absorption insulation slab. Being a 60KG/m3 dense product ensures a high end acoustic insulation. This sound insulation is an excellent choice to insulate your home from noise. Especially good for assisting in soundproofing garden houses and sound studios. If your interested in prices or need to buy Rockwool RW3 then we provide the best prices possible. Order online or call for more information.

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