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12 roll deal

79.2 m2 total coverage

6.60m2 per pack

1200mm Wide Roll
Provides good thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and fire insulation.

Looking for an effective insulation solution for your loft? Look no further than the 100mm ROCKWOOL LOFT ROLL 12 roll deal, available now from our website. With an impressive coverage of 79.2m2, this insulation roll is perfect for insulating your loft and keeping your home warm and cozy. Made from ROCKWOOL's advanced insulation material, this roll boasts excellent thermal and acoustic properties, helping to reduce energy costs and noise pollution. Measuring 100mm in thickness, this roll is easy to install and can provide long-lasting insulation for years to come. Order yours today and enjoy a more comfortable home environment

100mm ROCKWOOL LOFT ROLL 12 roll deal 79.2m2

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  • 100mm Rockwool Roll is generally used for loft insulation in the loft floor, for suspended ceilings and sometimes in party wall situations. Packs are 1200mm wide to allow for easy cutting to fit in between varying joist centres. The best place to buy Rockwool insulation is from BMD Insulation. Buy here or call for more information on all Rockwool insulation products.

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