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1200 X 600 X 100mm

4.32m2 Pack
Rockwool Flexi Insulation is part of the Rockwool Soundpro range this unique insulation uses a flexible edge technology that ensures a tight fit when placed into a framework it will spring into position. This is ideal where a tight fit is essential whether it be for internal partition wall , roof insulation or even in floor insulation Rockwool Flexi will not slump.

ROCKWOOL FLEXI 100mm 1200 x 600 4,32m2 pack

  • When placed into a timber framework the Rockwool Flexible slab with its Flexible edge down one side will expand and contract along with the natural expansion and contraction of the timber, which in a common 100x47 timber can be as much as 2-3mm dependant on moisture content when installed, thus maintaining the integrity of the Rockwool insulation for the acoustic insulation and thermal insulation properties. Where perhaps a rigid insulation board would leave a gap or even fall the Rockwool Flexi will hold in position. Rockwool Flexi has excellent Thermal , Acoustic and Fire Properties. When tested it achieves Fire Class A1 (EN13501-1) and has a Thermal W/mk value of 0.037 (EN13162). The Flexi slab is also very easy to cut with a sharp knife they come packed in polythene as the image above shows which is ok for short term storage outside but long term should be either stored inside or under a proper waterproof cover. Sound absorption is one of the Rockwool Flexi - slab insulations key characteristics, its structure of fibres make it an ideal sound reduction material either by absorption of sound at the surface or impeding the sound transmission through an element of the structure. It has high coefficients over a wide frequency range, making it an excellent acoustic insulation. Rockwool Flexi Slab comes in 2 different slab sizes these being 1200mmx400mm which are made in 50mm , 60mm, 100 and 140mm thicknesses, and 1200mmx600mm which are made in 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 90mm, 100mm, 120mm and 140mm. Many of these sizes are available from stock, however if not in stock may require ordering in pallet quantities. Please do call for the latest cheap prices and stock availability.
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