Recticel Eurothane GP comprises a fibre free rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation core faced with an aluminium foil composite on both sides.

Standard Dimensions

Length: 2400 mm
Width: 1200 mm
Area: 2.88 m2
Thickness: 130mm

Thermal Performance

The thermal conductivity (lambda / λ value) of Recticel Eurothane GP is 0.022W/mK

The typical compressive strength of Recticel Eurothane GP is 140 kPa when tested at 10% compression to BS EN 826: 1996 Thermal Insulating Products for Building Applications – Determination of Compression Behaviour.


  • Recticel Eurothane GP is a BBA approved rigid, high compressive strength insulation board, ideal for insulating floors, walls and roofs. Applications Suitable for use in new build or upgrading the thermal performance of existing properties, providing a cost effective means of reducing CO2 emissions and compliance with Building Regulations/Standards. Recticel Eurothane GP provides the idea solution for insulating: - Solid concrete floors (above and below slab) - Block and beam floors - Suspended timber floors - Underfloor heating systems - Inner faces of external walls - Internal Partitions - Lofts and Roof Areas Recticel Eurothane GP benefits: - BBA certified - Excellent thermal performance - meet Building Regulations/Standards with minimal thickness - Rigid boards are easy to lay, cut and install - Excellent compressive strength when compared to traditional forms of insulation - Energy Saving Trust Listed product Recticel Eurothane GP can also be used to insulate pitched roofs and walls.