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Plasterboard Joint Filler 12.5 Kg Bag

Gyproc Joint Filler is a gypsum based powder compound for bedding in and covering plasterboard joining tapes, scrim roll and filling plasterboard joints. This product helps plasterboard linings maintain fire performance and noise reduction. Gyproc Joint filler is low shrinkage with an average working time of 60 minutes.

Approx Coverage of 33m2 per 12.5kg.

Plasterboard Joint Filler 12.5kg Bag

  • Gyproc Joint Filler is a powder compound for jointing tapered edge plasterboard. This can be achieved using the following process.

    • Ensure all joints are ready for jointing.
    • Add approximately 6.75 litres of fresh clean water per bag of filler to a clean mixing bucket. Gradually add the powder whilst stirring until a smooth creamy consistency is achieved,
    • Apply Joint Filler to the joint to embed the tape and immediately overcoat to fully fill the tapered board edges.
    • Trowel apply further coats of Gyproc Joint Filler if required allowing each coat to set before the next application.
    • Do this for all screw and nail spots with same numer of coats.
    • Once fully set, use finishing materials for the last stages of jointing.

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