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600 X 600 X 100mm 

Contains Rockwool RWA45 or Equivalent

Insulation for suspended ceilings that does not allow the ingress of fibres that could cause potential harm to staff or customers in shop or office type environments.

An ideal quick and easy insulation to install saving money on energy bills.

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ACOUSTIC CEILING PADS 600 X 600 X 100mm thick 100 minimum order

  • Sealed pads filled with Rockwool RWA45 giving improved thermal and acoustic insulation properties. These pads sit individually above suspended ceiling tiles. An excellent product for use in office and shop suspended ceiling systems. The insulation is encapsulated in polythene so fibres do not escape into the room. An ideal insulation product for reducing noise transfer in a busy office or shop.  Other quantities and thicknesses / sizes are available, call our national sales office on 01793 791010 or see our other product listings here.

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