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Coverage 13.89m2 per pack 
Knauf Earthwool low-itch fibreglass loft roll.
Roll Type: Combi-cut 1200mm wide which can be split into 2 x 600mm rolls or 3 x 400mm rolls.

Thermal Conductivity: 0.044 W/mK

R-Value: 2.27 M²K/W

Euroclass Reaction to Fire Classification: A1



100mm FIBREGLASS LOFT ROLL - 12 x 13.89m2 PACKS

£357.60 Regular Price
£346.80Sale Price
  • A flexible low density low-itch 100mm thick mineral wool quilt which is lightweight and non-combustible. This product is combi-cut format which means that it is perforated in such away across its 1200mm width that it can then be split for use in between either 400mm or 600mm joist spacings or left as 1200mm wide. Loft Roll insulation is found in almost every house across the country.

    Supporting sustainable living through better use of resources as it will help lower your homes energy consumption. Importantly it has low VOC's (Volatile Organic Compound) which help improve air quality in your home. This environmentally friendly insulation is easy to handle as it is soft to the touch and is made using up to 80 percent recycled glass materials. Packed in compressed form it is easy to pass into the loft space and move around the construction area. It is a cheap and effective way of insulating your loft floor .

    The best prices on loft roll insulation online are available from BMD Insulation buy online here or call for more information.

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