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Fine Thread Drywall Screws Per box

Black phospate coated for superior protection

for use fixing drywall to metal

  • 25mm - box 1000
  • 38mm - box 1000
  • 42mm - box 1000
  • 50mm - box 1000
  • 65mm - box 500
  • 75mm - box 500

Drywall Screws Fine Thread

  • Black self tapping drywall screws that are designed for use with metal partition wall systems for fixing plasterboard to track and stud. Also for use with ceiling systems and other light gauge metal products. These screws have a slightly tighter thread to pierce through metal so there is no need to pre drill. These drywall screws have a black phosphate coating which protects the metal from rusting. Although this corrosion resistance is most common in coarse threads as they're typically used to apply plasterboard to timber which can have a higher potential risk of damp and rust it adds peace of mind.   If your looking for the best prices online for plasterboard screws then look no further, BMD insulation provide the best prices possible on Fine Thread Drywall Screws. Buy online or call our friendly sales team.

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