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2400 X 1200 X 110mm  Celotex XR4110 PIR Insulation Board 11 sheet pack

High-quality Multi-purpose PIR insulation board

Excellent thermal performance

Low emissivity foil facing both sides

CFC / HCFC Free rigid urethane core

     Length: 2400mm

     Width: 1200mm

     Coverage: 2.88m2 per sheet

     Thermal Conductivity: 0.022 W/mK

     R-Value: 5.00m²K/W

     Weight: 13.075kg per sheet

Certification: BBA certified

BRE Green Guide Rating: A for sustainability

Suitable for Floor Insulation , Roof Insulation and Wall insulation.

Easy to cut and install.



  • 110mm Celotex insulation is a multi use insulation product. This range of Celotex insulation boards can be used in Roof insulation , Floor insulation and Partition wall insulation projects. When using in a concrete floor finish below slab the insulation should have a layer of DPM on both sides to cover the foil facing as screed reacts to the aluminium foil. If the insulation board is to be used above slab level then the DPM layer should be laid first then the insulation then a layer of polythene before the screed or chipboard flooring finish is applied. Celotex insulation XR4110 is among the most thermally efficient insulation materials commonly available. This board when installed in a floor can greatly save time and money in construction as the floor does not need to be excavated as deep as if you were using other less effective insulation. 
    Being a lightweight insulation board it is easy to move around site and is also very easy to cut and install. This XR4000 range of celotex insulant is an ideal choice for partition wall insulation over say fibreglass if you are looking for the best thermal outcome. Finally using Celotex XR4000 in your flat or pitched roof product is the perfect choice it can greatly reduce the loss of headspace in a conversion compared to using other types of glass wool insulation. This very efficient insulation material helps add sustainability to your home as less energy will be required to keep it warm after installation. 
    For the best prices on 110mm Celotex call BMD Insulation or Buy online here. Cheap prices on the full range of Celotex insulation available. 

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