20 Sheets of Celotex TB4025 PIR Insulation Board
Each sheet is 2400X1200X25MM and covers 2.88M2
so pack coverage is 57.60 M2
Comprised of a CFC / HCFC rigid urethane core with a composite foil facing on both sides.Celotex Insulation Boards can be used for multiple applications, including Roof insulation , Wall insulation and Floor insulation. Easy to cut and install, the Celotex TB4000 insulation range could be an ideal solution for your project.


CELOTEX TB4025 2400X1200X25MM - 20 SHEETS

  • Celotex Insulation Boards can be used for multiple applications as these boards are TB4000 Range (Thermabreak - General Application). Use for thermal breaks and isolation as well as in between and/or under rafters in a pitched roof situation or for  internal stud wall applications and wall lining to existing walls.