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20 Sheets of Celotex TB4025 PIR Insulation Board

High-quality Multi-purpose PIR insulation board
Excellent thermal performance
Low emissivity foil facing both sides
CFC / HCFC Free rigid urethane core
    Length:     2400mm
    Width:     1200mm
    Coverage: 2.88m2 per sheet
    Thermal Conductivity: 0.022 W/mK
    R-Value: 1.10m²K/W
    Weight:  2.736kg per sheet

 Certification: BBA certified
 BRE Green Guide Rating: A for sustainability
 Suitable for Floor Insulation , Roof Insulation and Wall insulation.
 Easy to cut and install.



CELOTEX INSULATION TB4025 2400 X 1200 X 25mm - 20 SHEETS

£249.00 Regular Price
£243.00Sale Price
  • Celotex Insulation TB4025 is part of the Celotex Thermal break range of insulation boards. This high performance insulation board is a General use insulation board meaning it can be used as floor insulation, Wall insulation and Roof insulation. Typically used as a secondary layer to combat thermal bridging issues. Thermal Bridging can be where the internal finish lets say plasterboard comes into contact with a component such as roof timbers. This can be resolved with the Celotex TB4000 range of insulation. Covering the timbers with the thin layer before the final finish component is added. A perfect choice when space to install insulation is limited.

    This Celotex 25mm insulation board is an excellent choice when insulating your build adding sustainability to the project through energy saving down the line.
    The low emmissive foil facings on Celotex act as a radiant reflective barrier helping keep the warmth inside in the winter and the heat out in the summer. Each of the celotex insulation boards carry a 'R' value which can be inserted into a 'U' Value calculator to ensure the right choice of materials is made to hit target 'U' Values in building regulated projects. Celotex has a euroclass 'F' reaction to fire classification.
     For the best prices on 25mm Celotex call BMD Insulation or Buy online here. Cheap prices on the full range of Celotex insulation available. 

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