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Package includes -
KVKE125 EC Box Fan Central Extract Unit, separate 3 speed controller, 4 Extract registers including 1 fire register, necessary fittings (tape, connectors, T's; Reducers etc)*


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  • 4 Point Central Extract Kit A cost effective and quieter alternative to installing separate extractor fans Central Extract Systems are an ideal extra to consider when building your new home if you dont want to pay for a full Heat recovery and ventilation system. These work by installing a large fan probably into your loft space with an exhaust outlet through the roof , a network of ducting is then routed through the property to rooms that need air extraction such as wetrooms and kitchens. The central extract system then removes the stale air and draws fresh air in through trickle vents in the windows of the property. For more details on Central Extract Systems please go to our website and call our sales team for prices. We offer the following Central Extraction Ventilation Kit in accordance with BMD's standard conditions of sale. Unit: KVKE 125 EC - £895.00 (plus VAT and Carriage) Kit Comprising: Galvanised steel unit Insulated, smooth running fan Remote 3 speed controller 125mm & 100mm diameter ducts Necessary fittings (tape, connectors, T's; Reducers etc)* 4 extract registers including fire register for kitchen Discharge grille for soffit or wall installation supplied in white, brown or beige grilles are available if specified The following items are dispatched with each 'Kit': DIY user guide Typical (non specific) design layout in 4 colour CAD Installation instructions User & Maintenance Instructions 2 Year guarantee Conditions - The despatch period is 5-10 working days. Carriage is at additional cost - you will be contacted to confirm carriage cost and take any additional payment. * Ducting and fittings are subject to the BMD standard kit package. Extra outlets and fittings may be purchased at additional cost. If you require further information prior to placing the order, please contact the sales office on 01793-791010 or email

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