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We offer the following Central Vacuum 'Kit' in accordance with BMD's standard conditions of sale.

Central Vacuum: V30 + 4  Inlets OR 3 Inlets & a Vac Pan 

£2147.00 (plus VAT and Carriage)
Carriage will be advised and separate payment taken once we are aware of site location.

Kit Comprising:
Rigid Vac Unit
Bag filter - no mess
High suction
Quiet running
2 x 2 inlet kit (standard kits are complete with necessary parts; glue, low voltage cable, fixing material and installation instructions)
9m long crush-proof hose
Standard on/off switch hose
Attachment set (floor, crevice; & upholstery tool)
4 white inlet valves (or 3 outlets and 1 vac pan)
Discharge grille
1 x silencer on exhaust

The following items are dispatched with each 'Kit':
Installation instructions
2 year guarantee on parts

*Ducting and fittings are subject to the BMD standard kit package. Extra outlets and fittings may be purchased at additional cost.

If you require further information prior to placing the order, please contact the sales office on 01793-791010 or email mvhr@buildingmaterialsdirect.com


  • Do you hate dirt and hate to vacuum? A Central Vacuum System may be just what you need. Instead of wheeling a traditional vacuum around the home, the heavy lifting is done by a power unit located somewhere like the garage or utility room, where it can barely be heard. A central vacuum system can also be a healthier and greener choice, as it won't emit dirt particles into the air, as do some traditional vacuum systems. BMD Central Vacuum Systems can be installed into existing, refurbishment and new build properties and comprise of a main wall-mounted vacuum unit (which is normally located in a garage, utility room or store area), a 50mm diameter pipe-work ducting system with only a few carefully located wall inlets spread around the property, and a lightweight long hose and wand which is all that the user has to store and carry around to plug in to the wall inlets. When the hose is plugged in to a wall inlet the vacuum system is activated and all dust and debris is extracted to the large storage bin under the main vacuum unit. This means great suction power is always available but that any sound from the unit is kept to a discrete part of the property, and that no dirty air is re-circulated into the room that you are cleaning as all waste air is either fed to the outside or through an optional Hepa Filter. A wide range of tools and accessories have been designed to aid any need you might have - hard floor and deep pile carpet tools, car valet kits, and the very useful "Vac Pan" which can be built in at floor level into the kickboard of floor units in the kitchen or utility room and this is then used like an "electronic dustpan" that can be switched on and off with a kick-switch so that you can sweep any debris from hard floors straight into it. There are also choices of wall inlet plate finish and colour and other accessories available such as powered turbo brush heads and an ash separator for vacuuming cold ashes from grates etc.