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2400mm X 1200mm X 12.5mm

  • Resists fire to allow for safe evacuation from the premises
  • Can be used in GypLyner Encase systems to protect structural steelwork
  • Helps protect valuable building contents in spaces like storage units and galleries
  • Aids in the protection of the entire structure
  • Pink paper facing denotes fire resistance

12.5mm FIRELINE PLASTERBOARD T/E 2400 x 1200

£13.10 Regular Price
£12.90Sale Price
  • 12.5mm FireLine plasterboard resists fire and stays structurally stable for longer to allow more time to make a safe exit. This 12.5mm board has a superior performance making it ideal for spaces where greater fire resistance is required. These could include buildings such as high rise residential projects. Gypsum based plasterboard with a glass fibre make-up plus other additives in the board's core. This plasterboard gives increased 1/2 hour fire protection.

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